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A broker is a partner whose commitment is to protect solely the interests of his client

  Our role

Commissioned by you , Maher Assurances will be in charge to prospect for you within insurance companies dealing with the best contracts at better rates.

Maher Insurance may also need to innovate in designing contracts that are tailored to meet with specific requests related to specific risks inherent to your business

We have a wide knowledge of insurance market and we keep abreast of its developments to help you satisfy your needs and guide you in choosing a contract.

As the contracts represent an irrevocable added value, counseling assistance play a part role in the activity of Maher Insurance: Risk analysis, claim prevention, design of new products, etc..

We have, in view of the diversity of our customers range, dealt with various risks such as: Banks, Building companies (property developer…) , hotel agencies, international trade, SME…………………